About Lookup Ninja

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Lookup Ninja is the predecessor to webstalker.club, which preformed the same functions, but with much worse code and a much worse name. It was launched in May 2021, with a gap between November 2021 and April 2022 (6mo) due to issues with WHOIS blacklisting [relaunch statement, 18 Apr 2022].

Lookup Ninja allows users to preform DNS lookups on domains.

Jacob Sammon <jacob@sammon.uk> is the project's developer, having had written all of the code behind the service and still maintaining it.

The project is open source, but not as you reach it today. The open source version also has WHOIS capability, as Lookup Ninja formerly did. You can download it via its Open Source Content Box.

Lookup Ninja's website and webapp are hosted - free of charge - by Oracle, using their free tier. Formerly, they were hosted on Contabo briefly and Hetzner. Lookup Ninja's open source software is hosted on the same server but uses Cloudflare's CDN, hence the seperate domain.

You can give feedback on the webapp service using this Microsoft Form. If you wish to contact me, you can at Jacob Sammon <jacob@sammon.uk>, though I am often busy and might take a while to reply.

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